Review // NYX eyebrow gel

It’s fair to say that eyebrows were a huge deal in 2015, particularly sculpted thick brows. I do wish someone had slapped the tweezers from my hand 10 years ago when the trend was thin brows, and told me that one day I would regret over plucking. It’s not that there are a lack of brow products on the market, but finding something that doesn’t make your brows look drawn on when you are lacking actual brow hair is rather difficult.
For me, I have brow hair, but it’s patchy and the aforementioned over
plucking has left me with a shape I no longer like. Hence the need for something more than a dried up old pencil.

I’ve had my eye on the ever talked about Anastasia beverly hills brow
pomade for quite some time, so when I saw the NYX brow gel for a quarter of the price, I was sold.


It comes in a tube, so you need to put the product onto something like the back of your hand to then apply to your brush. Not ideal. In fairness, this product does stay on well so touch ups aren’t needed, and being in a tube should stop it drying out, fingers crossed!

What I love about this product is that it looks so natural, while delivering awesome sculpting power. Sometimes with brow powders the product just sits on your skin, and the brow hairs don’t get any attention. This brow gel actually coats the hairs so it all blends in nicely, and a tiny amount goes a long way so this should last you a long time.

There are 5 colours in the range, blonde, chocolate, brunette, espresso and black. A common mistake a lot of companies seem to be making with their brow products, is not offering  enough light ashy brown shades. Jumping from blonde into a medium brown kind of screws us mousy brown haired people!

Here is my not so glorious natural brow.



Here is my brow filled with the shade Brunette. In my opinion this is the most universal shade of the bunch. Chocolate and Espresso have a reddish undertone FYI.

If you are new to the brow filling thing, welcome. Your life will never be the same again. Once you get the hang of doing your brows, it will transform your face and give a polished look whether you are bare faced or full glam. The most important thing to remember if you plan to NOT lose your mind, is that your eyebrows are sisters not twins. Take a good look at what you are trying to achieve, go slowly with a light hand and I promise you won’t look like you were attacked by a 5 year old wielding crayons.

Over all I think for the price you pay, this product is great. Easy, pigmented, affordable. It’s a yes from me.

claire xo


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