Face cleansing brushes// do they work?

I have to admit when I first saw facial cleansing brushes come out, my immediate thought was..eww how unhygienic. Using a brush on your face over and over that must be covered in bacteria, nope not for me! So what possessed me to actually go out and buy one? Maybe it was a 50% off sale ( when is that NOT the reason!), maybe it was seeing how many other bloggers and vloggers were using them, maybe it was the day I realised I WASN’T taking my make up off properly. After doing some research ( by research I mean window shopping online!) I began to get swayed by the claims of clear, even toned, radiant skin and decided to give it a chance. Then I looked at the prices of these little gadgets, and my penny pincher heart skipped a beat. Some brands retail at over $300. Pretty sure I could go to South East Asia and get a face transplant for $300! So I put my bargain shopper hat on and hunted down the best deal I could find, which was the Remington Facial cleansing brush, on a 50% off deal for $80. WIN.

What I love about this product over others on the market, is that it comes with 3 brush heads. 1 for sensitive skin, 1 for normal skin and 1 massage head. Take THAT $300 brush! I use the sensitive brush because as it would suggest, I have sensitive skin. There’s nothing overly complicated about it, you clip the head of choice on, wet your face and brush, apply cleanser and let the brush do the work, spinning to deep clean. It has a few handy features, including a light ( for..err.. daredevils who wash their face in the dark?) 3 speeds ( for when you snooze through 3 alarms and need to cleanse at the speed light) and a holding dock so you can have it sitting on your bathroom counter to confuse your husband about yet another lady contraption. Every brush head comes with a protective cap to keep it clean and tidy, all packaged up in a cute little bag to make you feel right fancy at sleep overs.

Now for the bit you can’t read off the box, does it work? For me, yes it does. I know that my skin doesn’t like to be messed with too much. I use all natural skin care, and avoid face masks or anything ย too stripping. I have had no issue with sensitivity using this product, but there is a ‘purging’ stage due to the deep cleansing, which in my case resulted in a few extra pimples for a short amount of time. I’ve never really had problem skin, but I’ve also never had ‘glowy’ skin. This product has done two things for me. Number one, it’s cleared up the texture (small bumps) on my skin from not removing make up properly, and two, it has brightened the overall look of my skin which is exactly what I was hoping for. I will continue to use a facial cleansing brush as part of my daily cleansing routine, and husband puzzler.

claire xo

For my NZ readers, you can purchase facial cleansing brushes fromย Farmers, Electronic stores, or online stores like ASOS.ย This is not a sponsored post and as always, opinions are my own.




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  1. Keirryn says:

    Definitely feel you on the $300 price tag – when the Clarisonic blew up on youtube, I wanted one expecting it to be the answer to my skin prayers haha – but the price for one was just – ah not worth it at that stage, I started using the Olay one which was like $20.00 and totally noticed the difference, and the extra makeup on the brush after cleansing definitely scared me a bit. hahaa. Great Review, I need an upgrade for sure.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Claire xo says:

      Oh $20 though that’s really good! I got my Remington from Dick Smith electronics, I so wish I had looked to see if they were cheap in the closing sale! X


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