Review// Maybelline 24hour tattoo eyeshadow

I’ve never had any positive feelings about cream eyeshadows. In fact after my first creasing nightmare of an experience, I proclaimed that one would not cross the path of my lid ever again. Yet, there I found myself a number of years later standing in front of the Maybelline make up stand contemplating that life decision. I read on pinterest (because pinterest wouldn’t lie to me..) that the 24 hour tattoo eyeshadows were a dupe for the MAC paint pot bases, and my penny pincher senses starting tingling ( they’re like Spidermans spidey senses but for make up ). They were on sale of course, so I dropped one into my Warehouse shopping basket and never looked back. Four shades later, I am a convert. Starting with the ‘tattoo’ claim, we can tick that box. They last incredibly well, even without primer. I have oily lids (yes that’s a thing) so for something to not crease is a huge deal. Rejoice my fellow oily lid girls, rejoice! The texture is quite thick so applying with a firm synthetic brush or your finger is best.


Depending on where you shop, there are loads of different colours available AND there are different ranges within the 24 hour shadows, including Metal and Leather. The different ranges offer a variety in finishes from satin to shimmer to metallic, meaning there are great options for everyday wear or glam looks. I also like using these as a base for other shadows due to their great staying power, and ability to create depth and dimension.         


From L-R: Bad to the bronze, Barely branded, Chocolate suede, Bold Gold.

You really can’t go wrong with these shadows, good quality, pigmented and budget friendly WIN WIN WIN!

claire xo

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  1. lexilife says:

    OMG these are beautiful! I kinda assumed that you could only get really pigmented metallic eyeshadows from high end brands but this is amazing!! All of them are totally my shade too. You’re the best I could KISS YOU


    1. Thanks Lexilife! Those swatches I put on my hand, I swear I had to scrub them off SO much staying power! x

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  2. Amazing shades and wonderfully pigmented..Perfect for humid outdoor events!!!

    Much Love..xoxo💕

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Michelle says:

    I had a couple of these and it must have been freezing in my chch student flat bedroom because they went rock hard and impossible to apply, even with fingertips. You make me wanna give them another chance.

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    1. blue dresser beauty says:

      You should 🙂 i really want to try the crayon form that came out but haven’t found it in nz yet!


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