Review // Morphe 35p eyeshadow palette

Morphe is a brand that has really challenged the beauty world with
supplying good quality products at quizzically low prices. The
eyeshadow palettes have been made spectacularly popular by You tubers
like Jaclyn Hill, who’s fans feed off her every word and
recommendation like gospel. And right she is, the products are so good
and so cheap it’s hard to believe they are making any profit. I am by
no means the first person to review these palettes, having watched
many a review on them myself before purchasing one. Anyway I’ll throw
in my two cents worth as usual!
My immediate thought when I saw a Morphe palette for the first time
(on you tube of course) was, sigh, another product we can’t get in NZ.
Low and behold I was wrong! A load of websites stock these palettes, just be sure to shop around as I’ve seen some huge variation in costs. I paid around $35 for mine, and by my calculation for 35 eyeshadows, that’s pretty darn good value.
The one thing a lot of reviewers say about these palettes is
that there is inconsistency between the shadows, which is no lie. Some
of the shadows are equivalent in pigment and blend-ability to high end
products, some are what you would expect from a $1 eyeshadow, thankfully there are more good than bad.
There is a great variety of shimmers, satins and mattes. Crease
shades, wow shades and every day shades. This particular palette is filled with gorgeous plum and purple shades, which is a hazel eyed girls dream!


I am guilty of wearing brown, brown and a bit more brown, so this palette is a nice step out of my comfort zone! I fully intend on buying more Morphe palettes, but which one next?..

claire xo

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  1. This palette is so beautiful! You should do a full face makeup look with it too πŸ™‚ Love your review ❀

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    1. Claire xo says:

      Thank you! Good idea I will do that πŸ™‚ x


  2. Keirryn says:

    Hey Claire, love the review – even more so you’re a Kiwi. Hahaa. Mind me asking where you sourced your palette from? I’m really wanting the 35O palette but it’s never in stock hahaa – I’m a lover of Neutrals, can’t go wrong with a good ol’ brown lol. xx

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    1. Claire xo says:

      Hay Keirryn! Fellow kiwi? Yay! Got mine from beauty joint, shipping costs obv but I normally get a big haul of stuff so its worth it πŸ™‚ x

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  3. This palate is so beautiful! I’ve been wanting to try out Morphe products for a while now, but since I live in Canada I don’t want to order it with all the extra shipping costs and it not be worth it. I think I might try it out now. I love the colours in this palate

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    1. blue dresser beauty says:

      Its so good, I use it everyday and it has good variety! 😊❀️


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