Review// Maybelline Fit me //Dewy//Matte

It’s been a really long time since I’ve used a Maybelline foundation. I remember on my first pay of my first job I purchased Dream matte mousse, and continued to purchase it because it was the cheapest in the small range of make up NZ had at the time. It’s fair to say my make up obsession has branched out beyond Farmers now! Word of mouth on good products is a dangerous thing for us hoarders, especially when your supermarket sells makeup. Hence, this review.          IMG_0897 I am genuinely shocked how much I love the dewy foundation, between the coverage, blendability and STUNNING finish, it’s become my everyday foundation. I have normal/ combination skin, which has a tendency to be oily on the t-zone, but irritated by anything too matte. The lasting power is surprisingly good for a dewy foundation, I just add powder around the T-zone to keep oil at bay. It doesn’t separate or become super shiny by the end of the day like other dewy foundations can.IMG_0901I’ve just purchased the Matte +poreless as my Revlon colourstay is running out and I was hoping for a cheaper dupe! Well, it’s not a dupe, but it’s good. The finish in my opinion is more satin than matte, so it’s comfortable to wear without getting that tight skin feeling. I normally use a luminous primer, which no doubt changes the finish, so I would definitely recommend using a matte one if you are even slightly oily as I do notice the oil coming through towards the end of the day.IMG_1016I decided to do dewy on the left side of my face, matte on the right, no primer for true effect (cringe!).  Colour wise, I use 120 classic Ivory. I found my match by using a website called, an awesome little site that compares foundation colours between different brands! Particularly genius if you shop online. I did the comparison to my Revlon colourstay in 200 nude. The Maybelline is definitely a little darker and more yellow based, but still a good match. It comes in 16 shades, and it’s worth having a look at the powder and concealers in the fit me range as they are both must haves as well. The foundations retail for around $25.50 NZD, but since it’s stocked in so many shops and sites it’s worth shopping around as you can definitely get it cheaper.

Interestingly, I’ve heard more people raving about the Matte and poreless, but I am firmly on team Dewy.

claire xo

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  1. Love this foundation, great coverage

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  2. Great review! Love the pics too❤️

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    1. Claire xo says:

      Thanks Smitha 😊

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