How to// Remove your make up naturally

I’m not sure why or how, but somewhere along the line I developed sensitive skin. Suddenly the soaps I was using were making my skin tight and itchy.  Make up wipes, cleansers, moisturizers and face masks would irritate my skin making it feel like I was doing more harm than good.  Of course once I learnt to actually LOOK at the back of the packaging that claimed to have ‘natural ingredients’, I realized the products were full of things I couldn’t pronounce with an almost insignificant dash of something that resembled a pure ingredient. My dad is a bit of a health junkie, and he told me to go natural. At first I thought no way. How am I suppose to take make up off? How am I suppose to avoid break outs? Who even sells natural skin care?
This is going back a few years now, and let me tell you there were very few people selling COMPLETELY natural products at a price that wasn’t eye watering. It’s been a bit of trial and error since then, but now I have my routine down and my skin has never been better.


This is how I take my make up off and cleanse my skin.

  1. I melt my make up in the shower! It’s a good way of loosening the make up so you aren’t rubbing at your skin later. The heat and steam will soften skin and open up pores too
  2. Coconut oil. Once I get out of the shower  I take half a teaspoon (solid) and warm between my hands, then apply over my whole face and eye area. It literally melts make up, even mascara.
  3. I use a soft face cloth, or make up removing mitt to wipe the oil and make up off
  4. Next I use a natural soap and face brush to cleanse my skin ( I have a review post on the brush, go check it out!)
  5. To get any sneaky bits of foundation left, I use tea tree toner on a cotton pad over my skin. This stuff is AWESOME and makes you feel so clean!
  6. Lastly I moisturize with rosehip oil and bio oil.


The best piece of advise I could give on skin care routines is to analyse your skin and figure out what it needs and what it doesn’t before loading on products. Try to think of your skin care routine as a time to pamper and replenish, not strip away and attack. You only get one face after all, so treat it with respect and you will thank yourself later in life!

claire xo


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