Review // Yes to // body products

Do you love coconut? I love coconut. Let me introduce you to the Yes to range of skincare, an amazing line of products that boasts at least 95% natural ingredients. Where has this been all my life?! My go to for body moisturizer had been pure coconut oil for ages, but as much as I loved it, there were times when I wanted to be able to slap on some moisturizer and go without having to wait for it to absorb. Cue, ultra light body lotion spray. It’s everything you could want from quick absorbing, easy, non greasy, and ACTUALLY moisturizes your skin deeply rather than just leaving a slippery layer. And my favorite thing of course, it’s 97% natural. The scent is beautiful without being over powering, and you get a generous 295ml bottle which lasts forever! IMG_0964 I got my lotion spray in a pack with the hand cream and body scrub from the same range. The hand cream is gorgeous. I have used this on my arms and legs when I’ve wanted something more heavy duty which works a treat as it’s a similar formula to a body butter. Whenever I apply it people come in to the room and start naming off what they think they can smell. Is someone eating popcorn?

The body scrub is nice, however I prefer a more gritty scrub for my legs as they get quite dry, and this one is more gelatinous! One of my favorite ways to exfoliate is using coffee grinds, so I have mixed grinds with this scrub to give it more grunt, and that works well, if I do say so myself!IMG_0961

Price wise I think these products are very affordable considering the high percentage of natural ingredients. Unfortunately I haven’t found much of the Yes to range in NZ stores, aside from a couple of pieces at  Farmers and The Warehouse. I purchased mine online from ASOS who have a good selection. I wanted to cry deeply from my soul when I visited the site and saw all of the products I can’t get my supremely moisturized hands on. Note to self, must delve deeper onto the internet to find a way..

There are loads of other amazing products by Yes to, with bases of carrot, cucumber, tomato, grapefruit and blueberries! They all serve a purpose for different skin types which is such a cool idea.

I have my eye on the coconut shampoo and conditioner, and face mask. Stay tuned, I won’t resist the temptation to buy more from Yes to and share my obsession!

claire xo

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  1. This range looks so yummyyyyy😊
    I want it now!!


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    1. blue dresser beauty says:

      Asos have some yes to on sale right now 😊!!

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      1. Greattt!!!😬 Thanks!!


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