Review // Redken hair care

Ok so I have a slight addiction to styling products, primarily by Redken. I’ve been using their all soft shampoo and conditioner for years, and I’m a die hard fan for it. After realizing my FAVOURITE styling product heat glide had been discontinued (tears streaming down face..) I went on a mission to find a replacement. Heat glide was an oil formula heat protectant for styling wet or dry. No matter how I used it, it was perfection.
After looking through the descriptions of every Redken product available, I settled on 24 benefits, Frizz dismiss smoothing control cream and All soft argan oil. Over kill? Never.
24 Benefits is as it would suggest, an all rounder. Heat protectant, styling product, finishing product, leave in treatment, yada yada.. I haven’t quite made my mind up about this product, other than to say I hope it’s protecting my hair from heat. I wouldn’t purchase this solely as a styling product, as it doesn’t have AS much of a lightweight finish as I am used to from Redken. I like it better than other heat protectants I’ve tried, as it doesn’t have as much sticky-ness. I suspect the slightly heavier formula is due to the leave in treatment aspect, so perhaps would be better for curly or frizzy hair.
Right now, I’m spraying this onto my hair as lightly as possible for heat protection only. It kills me to not adore a Redken product, so I’m hoping with time my love will grow. To be continued.IMG_0884Frizz dismiss is one of the newer ranges for Redken, intended for fighting humidity and controlling coarse or thick hair. I fall into the thick hair category, the one where a blow dry means automatic lions main. I’ve recently cut my hair from elbow length to just below my shoulders, which has meant styling is now a necessity unless I want to leave the house with a poofy bob! This cream is applied on towel dried hair, then you can go ahead and blow dry or style as usual. So does it dismiss frizz? Yes. I normally wash and blow dry my hair at night before bed, and I have noticed my hair is much more controlled and calm in the morning. Being a cream you would expect a heavy feeling on the hair, but it’s surprisingly light. It’s also a heat protectant, AND it’s packed with ingredients to nourish and strengthen.
I’ve used the All soft argan oil before, which is lovely. If you haven’t tried hair
oils before, jump on the bandwagon. Argan oil is great for healthy, soft, shiny hair. I use this after I have styled my hair, as a finishing product. In the hair it is super light and softening. There’s not much else to say, it just gives you sexy shiny hair, and that’s all I ask.
Salon hair care is definitely my splurge item, and it’s totally worth it in my opinion. May my addiction live long and prosper.

claire xo


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