Review // Loreal Mascara’s

It breaks my heart that no one talks about Loreal Volume million lashes. I’ve lost count on how many best mascara lists I’ve read that haven’t mentioned it, meanwhile Maybelline best lash mascara gets a look in every year, which I just can’t fathom! Always on the look out for a bargain, it’s out of character that I would choose one of the most expensive ones at the drug store, but honestly, it’s just so good I haven’t even looked at another mascara in years. This mascara is my life partner, and I’ve been able to stop myself fantasizing about other mascara’s, until now.IMG_0923If you live in NZ, and you are a true make up obsessive, when I say BIG BUCKET DEALS, you know. You know what I’m talking about, and if you don’t, I’m sorry. I’m sorry you have not experienced the joy of a room full of discounted make up. Volume million retails at $32.99 from Farmers, and was around $15.00 at the big bucket sale. Enough said.

Waiting patiently beside it was Loreal Voluminous false fiber lashes. I did stalk this mascara online recently, out of interest, and it made me wonder how similar the formula is, and of course I cant’t deny it the chance to win me over.

The major difference between them is the wand. Volume million has a rubber wand, which is pretty huge. I suspect that’s why people are put off this mascara, because at first you feel like your applying mascara with a broom. BUT once you get used to it, it’s the reason you get such huge lashes. False fiber has a regular brush wand. As it would suggest, it brushes the lashes as you go, so you get more separation. The formula is pretty dry, but you know what? I love dryer formulas. It’s easier to build volume.IMG_1263The hold is similar, both keep my lashes sky high till I remove it. Volume million DOES NOT smudge. I never thought about it until I used False fiber, which does mildly. Visually, Volume million makes my lashes thicker and longer, False fiber makes them fuller and more separated. In case those words all sound the same, here’s a picture to explain! False fiber on the left, Volume million on the right.IMG_1247IMG_1248Mascara’s that give you ‘natural’ lashes can just bugger off. If I wanted natural looking lashes I would just not wear mascara at all. I want Va Va Voom every time, and both of these are winners!

claire xo

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  1. I love these mascaras.. I think Loreal and Maybeline have to be my fave when it comes to mascaras

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  2. Michelle says:

    You have absolutely mind blowing lashes!

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    1. blue dresser beauty says:

      Ohh thank you very much Michelle 😊


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