How to // Fill in your brows!

I think there are approximately 1 billion tutorials out there on how to fill your brows. Yet I felt the need to contribute to this never ending topic, as apparently brows are everything. I’ll leave the house without foundation and mascara, but I feel butt naked without my brows on. They make such a huge difference to your face, and it’s fair to say if someone with bad brows is having a conversation with you, your only thoughts are ‘man I wanna fix her brows’. Don’t deny it…

First of all, some truths about brows.

  1. They are sisters not twins, you will be late for work everyday of your life if you try to make them identical
  2. There ISN’T just one way of doing it or one perfect product or brush
  3. Good brows make you look put together even on your worst days

So where to start?ย Look at your brows. What’s missing or what do you want to change? Are they a good shape but too patchy? Do they lack shape? Are they non existent? In my opinion (and everyone will be different) you want to look like you have naturally beautiful brows. No one wants to look like they drew their brows on with crayola.

Here’s my technique:

  1. Brush through your brows with a spoolie to get all the hairs in lineIMG_1945
  2. Start by outlining the top and bottom border of your brows with a FINE angle brush. You won’t get a clean line with anything that is too big.ย IMG_1946IMG_1947
  3. Once the top and bottom out line is connected, create small strokes over the tail and middle brow to fill gaps
  4. Use the EXCESS to brush in an upwards motion through the front of the brow
  5. Use your spoolie to lightly brush through again to ensure a natural finish
  6. Use a small amount of concealer on another clean angle brush to outline around that border, and make sure to blend out. IMG_1949IMG_1950
  7. Use a brow gel to set them in placeย IMG_1952

I use this technique because my brows, as you can see lack a strong shape which is what I personally like. This works whether I’m using my brow pomade or powder, so just pick what ever you are comfortable with.IMG_1957IMG_1955If ever there were a before and after to convince you of how important filling your brows is, see above. The eyes are framed and lifted by creating sharp clean lines.

I know people hate hearing it, but practice makes perfect! We ALL have cringe worthy photo’s of our former brows so keep at it and you’ll be on your way to fleeky brows in no time!

claire xo


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