Review // Hask argan oil shampoo and conditioner

I have a slight fear of drug store shampoo and conditioner after using a product many years ago that ruined my hair. I love Loreal products, but the Elvive shampoo left such a thick silicone coating in my hair, I struggled to even brush it. I have a vague memory of ripping through my knotted thick hair with a brush, and having the handle snap off in my hand. It was a greasy nightmare that took weeks of using salon shampoo to get it back to normal, and I have not used anything other than salon shampoo’s since then.ย IMG_1897You may have read my recent post on the Hask hair mask which was frankly, underwhelming. So why did I go back for more? I’ve tried the hair oil in this range, and it’s comparable to my Redken all soft oil, which stuns me to the core and leads me to think surely there is something else in the Hask range that is worth a look. So, deep breath, here I go.IMG_1895These retail for around $12 each, which compared to salon shampoo is a steal. They’re free from sulfates and parabens, and claim to strengthen and restore hair. The scent is kind of unusual, like spicy orange. Being sulfate free, the shampoo doesn’t lather hugely but still left my hair feeling clean. It’s also worth noting I have had a sensitive scalp lately, and this shampoo seems to be more gentle than my current shampoo. When I put the conditioner in, my hair immediately felt smooth and tangle free, then super silky when I washed it out. The moment of truth for me is at the blow drying stage, and I have to say it was quite exciting. Immediately I could see how shiny my hair was, and it still felt light without any build up. My hair definitely felt soft, and had plenty of body.

I am shocked how much I like this shampoo and conditioner. It delivers what it should, at a great price point. I still think salon shampoo is better, but if you can’t bring yourself to pay the hefty price these little babies are a really great option. Penny pincher lady is happy.

claire xo

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