Review // Tresemme // Perfectly undone sea foam

In the early 2000’s hair mousse was cool. Seriously, if you could find a mousse that made your hair so hard it was crunchy, you were the coolest cat in town. Ah, youth. Cringe. Nowadays, everybody wants hair like a Victoria’s Secret model. Sexy, woke up like this, goddess hair. Not so much with the crunchy. Achieving the effortless ‘lived in’ look, apparently isn’t so effortless. Most tutorials I have watched have been an instruction of ‘just spend 45 minutes curling your entire head of hair, then brush all the curls out, then put in these 3 products, then put more curls in, then fluff and poof until you like it’. GO AWAY. I am up and out of the house in 30 minutes flat in the morning. If I brush my hair it’s a good day.IMG_2308
Now this isn’t mousse, it’s Wave creating sea foam. It claims to add waves to straight hair with it’s key ingredient kelp extract. Kelp. Hmm sounds like something from the sea floor, but I’ll try anything. You apply this product to damp hair, blow dry, then use a curling tong to add extra shape where needed. After blow drying my hair definitely had texture and volume. I scrunched my hair as I went, since my hair is not naturally curly. The feel of my hair after was similar to sea salt spray, textured but still light. And it smells amazing by the way.Β IMG_2642So did it create waves? Mild waves yes. Very ‘calm day at the beach’ waves. I would say the result you get with this product will be determined by your blow drying technique. Scrunching is a must, next time I’m trying a diffuser head on my blow dryer. I didn’t use a curling iron on my hair, because I wanted to see what the product does on it’s own. I think the ‘undone’ claim is accurate. It’s not claiming to give you curls, but more beachy lived in hair.

Overall, I’m really happy with this product. I added more foam the next day on dry hair and it amped back up, which is what I was hoping for. If you don’t have time to straighten or curl in the morning this is a great alternative. Feeling sufficiently beach babe.

claire xo

*I picked mine up at Countdown for $9.29 πŸ™‚

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