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If you follow my blog it will be of no surprise I’m at it again with the eyeshadows. I just can’t get enough! I keep saving Colour pop eyeshadow pins I see on pinterest, so I decided I needed to get some and see what all the hype is about!IMG_4048These retail for US$5 each, and they come in a plastic pot with a screw on lid. You get a generous amount, and there are loads of colours and finishes, from matte to satin to metallic.  IMG_4075IMG_4042The first colour is called Glow. Looks boring right? Well yeah, it kind of is, but I chose it for it’s basic nature as a base for other shadows. I like to even the colour of my lids before applying shadow so it looks tidy, and blends smoothly. As it is, I have oily lids, so I don’t like using concealer as it just creases on me, even with setting powder over top. I wanted something quite thin but pigmented, and this does the job perfectly whilst allowing shadows to blend well over top! Another unexpected surprise is that it helps make my regular powder eyeshadows last longer without creasing! Why you ask, am I saying ‘regular powder eyeshadows’? Colour pop eyeshadows have the weirdest texture in the world. It’s like a squishy, creamy feeling, so you need to apply these with your fingers or a synthetic brush. IMG_4037This little beauty Game face, is the colour I kept seeing everywhere. It’s a gold/orange metallic colour. I bought this to pair with my favourite brown or brick eyeshadows when I feel like something a bit special. It is a stunning stand out shade, and really enhances any eye colour. Because of the unique texture of these eyeshadows, there is zero fall out and the colour lasts really well. If you love warm tones, you will love this!IMG_4035The last colour is Midnight. This was a bit of a wierd purchase. The colour is described as having a ‘black undertone with gold glitter’, but most of the swatches I have seen look green toned, and the picture on the website looks a much lighter green than in person. Once it’s on the eye lid it comes off a dark olive colour with a gold shimmer.IMG_4596I wanted to do a make up look with this colour, as the swatch doesn’t do it justice. This shade is a great option for a smokey eye, as it adds a little colour and sparkle for something different. I used a brick colour to warm up the crease and a black liner really close to the lashes so the green wasn’t lost. img_4381IMG_4591

I think these eyeshadows are fantastic. They last really well, and even though they are a different texture to normal powder eyeshadows, they still blend incredibly well together. The pigmentation is amazing, so every look comes out vibrant and eye catching. They are well worth the (very low!) price, and I can’t wait to add more to my collection!

claire xo

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  1. Great review and love how you put swatches (:

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    1. blue dresser beauty says:

      Thanks darling! x 🙂

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  2. Wow these are so highly pigmented and for 5 dollars a pot?! I could get creative! Love your blog!

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    1. blue dresser beauty says:

      Thank you Manda that’s really kind 🙂


  3. danetigress says:

    Great post I love color pop

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