Review // Becca // Backlight priming filter

Some people think face primers are just another gimmick designed to make us spend more unnecessary money, perhaps the valentines day of make up. My younger brother saw my make up collection recently, and in shock asked me, “does it all do something different?” I took the opportunity to school him on what each product does as well as trying to justify why I need 4 different mascara’s and 50 different lipsticks. When I explained what a primer is, he said “so it’s like how you primer a wall before painting?” I laughed, but that’s actually pretty accurate. Note to self, explain make up to boys in bloke terms in the future!img_4825Primer is in fact about priming your face for the make up to follow. Depending on what you are wanting to correct with your skin, will determine the product you need. I have combination skin, which is mostly normal with an oily T zone and although I don’t suffer with a lot of discoloration or break outs, I do have dullness. I always choose a brightening or illuminating primer, to help my skin look more healthy once I’ve applied foundation.img_4824The Becca Backlight priming filter is a bit of a cult product. A lot of the beauty guru’s I follow rave about this primer, so I set my expectations really high, and closed my eyes while I processed the payment online. I’m not sure what planet I was on when I decided it was OK to spend NZ$71.00 on a primer. The drug store girl inside me is ashamed, the other side of me says I’ve been buying affordable brands for years so I’m allowed a splurge. img_4822The 30ml primer comes in a frosted glass bottle with Becca’s signature silver emblem on the lid. Every morning I see it on my dresser, I fall in love all over again, it’s just so beautiful!  It has a nice scent which I wasn’t expecting, perhaps like orange blossom. The primer itself even looks expensive with it’s fine pearly luminosity. It feels really nice on the skin and is not too slimy or slippery feeling. It sinks in really well and leaves my skin looking gorgeously luminous and glowy. You could definitely wear this alone for a pretty no make up look. My foundation glides smoothly over top, so as far as prep goes, I couldn’t ask for better. img_4827One thing I notice about this primer is that it looks better with minimal foundation. If I do full coverage, the glow doesn’t show through as nicely, and looking at the Becca campaigns, all the women are sporting natural, glowy fresh skin, so it makes sense that it’s intended to be used with light-medium coverage.img_4833img_4836

I was expecting this primer to be a game changer. Earth shattering, life changing. There are a lot of things I like about it when I look at it, when I apply it, how it looks on my skin alone and under foundation. It claims to prolong the wear of foundation, blur imperfections and give a glowing finish. As far as improving the longevity of foundations, I notice my T zone still gets oily with this primer. I wouldn’t normally expect a dewy primer to help with oil control, but they claim it’s suitable for oily skin, so it’s disappointing that it doesn’t do a better job with that. The rest of my foundation holds up well without any additional shininess by the end of the day. This primer definitely provides luminosity, and in turn does help to blur imperfections with it’s light reflecting ingredients.

So, does it work? Yes. Would I repurchase it? Yes. Is it worth the hefty price tag? Well, that depends if you are on the same planet as me.

claire xo

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  1. Mo says:

    I love your writing and the way you described the product. Fun to read and the description was great as well.

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    1. blue dresser beauty says:

      Thank you Mo glad you liked it 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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