Review // Silicone brush cleaners // Do they work?

As a ‘full time’ make up wearer, my brushes get dirty really quick. With all of the long wearing formulas of foundation and everything else out there, it can be quite difficult to remove every trace of product, which really gets on my nerves when I’ve dedicated time to stop and do it, sacrificing my hands to a dreaded wrinkle finger death. The first silicone brush cleaner I saw was by Sigma, and it retailed for $59, which for a piece of plastic seems rather over the top.  Apparently I’m not the only one who thought that, now there’s loads of different silicone brush cleaners out there for a portion of the cost. I recently purchased a new eyeshadow palette online (surprise surprise!) and saw this little Brush egg for $11.95, so I had to get it. Would be silly not to, right?
img_6087The concept is pretty simple, it’s a little silicone mitt you slip over your fingers which has beads and ridges to help really get in and clean the brush a bit deeper. Or so it’s claimed..
img_6084For my brush cleaning I like to use an anti bacterial hand soap. There are of course brush soaps out there but after reading an article online about how many of the ‘proper’ brush soaps actually kill bacteria, I was disturbed to read some of them do next to nil. Rest assured I won’t be paying that money for a whole lot of nothing!img_6210It’s worth mentioning I don’t find any deterioration in the softness of my brushes after using this hand soap, which is especially important if you are using good quality brushes. Other things I think are important when cleaning brushes are:

  1. Make sure you are not getting soap or water into the ferrule (that’s the metal part of the brush that is holding the bristles onto the handle!) as that can cause the glue to soften, and lead to shedding.
  2. Be gentle using swirling motions to keep the bristles in the natural shape
  3. When you are finished cleaning your brushes, shape the bristles so they dry down into the right place
  4. Let your brushes dry on a clean towel or paper towel in a well ventilated area, so they dry faster and don’t attract bacteria.img_6086

Now onto the fun bit, did the brush cleaner work? I chose to review the mitt using my foundation brush as that is the one that is hardest to clean. I notice when I clean this brush with just my hands, there is always foundation left deeper down that I can’t really get out. Aside from that, it takes a number of times lathering then rinsing to even get the bulk of the foundation out, so hopes were high for this brush cleaner!

The process was pretty simple, I wet the brush bristles thoroughly, added some soap to the mitt, started swirling the brush round, and moving forward and back on the ridges.img_6214 img_6220The mitt definitely started to loosen the foundation straight away, and after about 30 seconds I rinsed the bristles to see how much had come off. img_6221It did a pretty good job, but as expected it didn’t quite remove all the foundation so I did it a couple more times, trying to get the bristles deeper down. img_6222After a rinse under the tap, I ran the bristles over a paper towel to absorb as much water as possible.

BEFOREimg_6085AFTERimg_6224I think the outcome is pretty good. Compared with the result I get from using the palm of my hand to clean, it’s pretty similar in all honesty. It removed about as much foundation as I can with my hands, including deeper down, which I suspect is because the ridges are shallow, so a brush soak is still going to be necessary for deep cleaning. The benefits are that the mitt was much quicker, I would say it cut the time in half, so for a day when I would be doing a load of brushes, that’s an awesome thing. I used about half the soap I normally would too. I found the beads at the top were way too small to do anything- but I’m pretty sure those are intended for eye brushes anyway.

The thing I love most is that this saves my poor hands. I HATE the soggy prune hands I normally get from washing brushes, so for that alone this is an absolute winner. I also like the size of this as it doesn’t take up too much precious cabinet space. It actually makes the process a little more fun, and when I say fun I mean I won’t be whingeing about having to do it anymore! $11.95 well spent, highly recommend!

claire xo

*I purchased my brush egg from

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  1. Chanelle says:

    Awesome review! I have the brush egg too 🙂 I know what you mean with Foundation brushes no matter if I use the palm of my hand or anything to clean it with there is always foundation still in the bristles. So now I wash it as best as possible and then dip it in brush cleaner to get the excess product out and I normally do that about 2 times and it gets all the Foundation out and I am back with a clean brush.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. blue dresser beauty says:

      Thanks hun! I will try that trick with the brush cleaner for sure 🙂 x


  2. I have got a Real Techniques brush pad and basically a brush egg rip off from Kmart that cost about $5. The brush egg is a lifesaver on the go, but I also highly recommend the RT pad as a cheaper alternative to the Sigma one x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. blue dresser beauty says:

      Oh I will definitely have to try the RT one, I’m always looking for a cheaper option 😀


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