Review // Bronx colors // Studioline HD foundation and primer

Does anyone actually know what HD means in relation to beauty products? I wasn’t 100% sure, I had to look it up. HD as we know means high definition, and when we are talking HD make up, it’s about products that look good in..wait for it..high definition. Makes sense! Gone are the days where make up artists can cake up film stars with us being none the wiser. Now we see every picture, movie or TV show in scary quality, pores and all. The wave of HD products are here to save the day with their super skin like qualities, and I’ve got my hands on some new release products from Bronx Colors to give you the low down. img_6057
The Bronx Colors HD TV foundation and primer have been designed for studio level results, at affordable prices. Whether we are in front of a camera or not, we all want to look like we have naturally perfect skin! HD foundation needs to have a few boxes ticked in order to be suitable for photo and film. It needs to look natural, yet cover imperfections. It needs to work well with flash photography and different lighting. It needs to be the right finish without too much shininess, and it needs to sit well on the skin without settling into pores and fine lines or breaking up. Too much to ask? Never. So let’s see how they perform..img_6062The primer when applied is quite thick and tacky to the touch, but not sticky, and it does feel moisturizing. I would say the finish is natural, but more on the dewy side than matte. I really like this primer because it gives a good base that would be suitable for any skin type, and most importantly it really helps foundation grab and hold for the day which is exactly what a primer is for. It does a good job at keeping the oil in my T zone under control, and ensuring my foundation doesn’t break up or fade. It’s just a good reliable primer, so I’m really enjoying having this in my collection.img_6069The foundation is a very interesting product! When I first applied it to my face it looked much more of a pale yellow colour than it did in the bottle, which made me think I had chosen the wrong shade. Like, waaay wrong. I started blending it out with my normal Zoeva buffing brush and immediately realized my brush was virtually repelling the foundation so I had to stop. This is definitely a foundation best suited to a blending sponge, as the texture is gel like. It blends down perfectly with a damp sponge to a nice lightweight feel, and doesn’t take a lot of work to blend out. The pale yellow tinge somehow disappeared, and it has an almost colour adapting effect which matches my skin perfectly. Go figure! I don’t know if it’s just coincidence, but it makes my job easy! It’s very comfortable to wear during the day, infact it doesn’t really feel like I have anything on. I ALWAYS get oily on my T zone no matter what, but this holds up really well because of it’s gel formula. img_6071The coverage I would say is light, buildable to medium, so it’s really nice for everyday wear. It definitely has a very skin like look, even when you build it up it still looks flattering without streaking or patching, so as far as the ‘HD’ claim goes, I think yes. I would say the finish is natural, because it’s not flat matte but not strictly dewy either. This would be great for most skin types, especially those looking for something lightweight. img_6082
The packaging for both is glass bottles with a wee polka dot print which I think is super cute! They also have pumps, which I find I need to be careful with as they can jam up causing too much product to come out (when I say too much, I mean when I want to do a half pump). In saying that, it’s my only criticism, and I think we can all agree any pump is more convenient than pour bottles! They are both 20ML bottles, and retail for NZ$23.99.



HDTV Colour 02




Overall I think these products are both great. I’ve already recommended the foundation to a couple of friends who aren’t into heavy make up, as this is just the right balance of coverage and comfort. They are both very easy to work with, and in my opinion they are pretty goof proof! HD make up gets a big tick from me.

claire xo

*Disclaimer: these products were sent to me for review, but as always all opinions are my own 🙂

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  1. bethxkate says:

    Great post, I love your photos💛Xx

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    1. blue dresser beauty says:

      Thank you lovely 🙂

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    1. blue dresser beauty says:

      Thanks Nicole 🙂 x

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  2. Emily Harris says:

    Thanks Claire! Such a detailed post, I love it! Totally agree with your review too. I had gone back to the waterproof foundation as I had been using a brush to apply the HD and after reading your post this morning tried it with a sponge and am now in love! Thanks for the tip! Beautiful photos as always xox

    Liked by 1 person

    1. blue dresser beauty says:

      Oh thanks Emily! Glad you liked it and found it helpful 🙂 x


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