Fashion // 5 grown up accessories you need

As a little girl, I grew up dreaming that one day I would have lots of pretty things. My obsession over that never went away, which has left me with a slight addiction to shopping, and fighting a loosing battle to stay awake while I scroll pinterest at night looking for inspiration. I am a self confessed material girl ( and yes I quite often sing that in song ) so I thought I would share with you some of favourite things now that I’m all grown up.

  1. Jewellery. Classic pieces of jewellery will never go out of fashion, and if you choose good quality things they will last a lifetime. I love my Marc Jacobs watch as it pairs with any outfit whether casual or dressy.Β img_1669
  2. Sunglasses. I love a good pair of sunnies, they are such a cool accessory to finish any look off, plus hello, protect your eyes! That’s a great reason to invest in a good quality pair. These classic black aviators with mirrored lenses look great with everything.Β img_6514
  3. Notebook + pen. If anyone whips a good bit of stationary out of their handbag, I’m immediately impressed. It makes you look like you have your life in order, even if you just use it for doodling no one will be the wiser! Add a co-coordinating pen and voila!img_6599
  4. Personalized phone case. This was a real splurge item for me, considering it’s just a phone case, but it’s one of those ‘envy’ items that when people see it they always ask where it’s from and gush over it. FYI it’s from The daily edited, and no sane person would pay this much for a phone case..but hey I didn’t say I was sane..img_6534

A pair of heels. I’m tall, so heels are tough for me. I love wearing them, I don’t love towering head and shoulders above everyone else. Finding the right size heel is hard, but I’ve found these little peep toe shoe boots which I absolutely love. Heels are the epitome of power woman, so it’s all about finding whats right for you to give that confidence.Β img_6611

I hope you enjoyed this list with a few of my favourite things, and maybe got some inspiration if you were stuck on Christmas gifts! Happy holidays! x

claire xo

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    1. blue dresser beauty says:

      Thanks girl πŸ™‚ x


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