Lifestyle // What’s in my travel makeup bag

Hello lovely people! I’m posting this while I’m away… in FIJI! My husband and I are celebrating our anniversary on the beautiful Coral Coast, but I wanted to make sure I got back to my normal weekly posts as I was a little slow over Christmas! I love seeing what other people pack in their travel bags, mainly because we tend to choose the ‘can’t live without’ products when we’re away. Here’s a sneaky peak inside!img_7218Narrowing down draws of options to just essentials is like leaving some of my children behind (children being my make up, I don’t have kids!). I have to be brutal and realistic about what I’ll use. My last trip, to Bali, was so hot I wore nothing but BB cream and mascara because whatever I put on just melted off. We’re in 30 degrees plus weather in Fiji, so I’ve packed lightweight glowy make up. For the base I’ve got my Becca backlight primer, it looks AMAZING on it’s own or under make up. The RCMA foundation palette is gorgeously natural, and has the darker shades should I end up with a goddess like tan.img_7220 I also packed my Garnier BB cream as it’s great for throwing on to even out skin tone quickly. I’ve also picked my Milani ‘Luminoso’ blush, Becca highlight in ‘Opal’, Colourpop highlight in ‘Wisp’ and Natio blush in ‘Rouge glow’. img_7221To make sure I have the beach babe look down, I’ve got my Essence matte bronzer, and my Colourpop highlight in ‘Glo up’ which is VERY golden but perfect for tan skin. img_7226For eyes I have, of course, the Morphe 35O. Yes it’s big, but I use it everyday so I couldn’t bring myself to leave it behind! I’ve also got the Maybelline Colour tattoo shadows as they are virtually waterproof and make a great base. The Sigma gel liner in ‘liberally toasted’, and Loreal Volume million mascara are no brainers. Because we will be out for a special dinner I have a glam set of lashes by Manicare called ‘Miranda’.img_7209 To protect my skin I’ve got my Natio SPF 50+ daily moisturizer. It’s really lightweight, and designed for the face, so I don’t have to worry about regular sunscreen breaking my skin out!

Aside from a lip balm, that’s it for my make up bag! What are your travel essentials? If you feel like living vicariously through my travels, go and follow my Instagram! @clairemarlow_nzmua 

claire xo

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