Review // City color // Brush cleaning sponge

Nobody can say they enjoy cleaning their make up brushes. I certainly don’t! The brushes I use for my eyeshadow everyday do get a work out mixing between light, dark, shimmery and glittery shades, so when I saw this product I knew I had to have it. The first brush cleaning sponge I saw was by Vera Mona, and it retails for round NZ$32. I decided that seemed a little much, so I looked elsewhere and found this City Color one for NZ$6.82. If you called me the queen of beauty bargain hunting I wouldn’t mind..img_7521The idea behind the product is a special sponge that picks up and removes powder product from brushes without the use of water or liquid cleaners. I find when I wipe my brushes onto a tissue, there’s always some product left which can really ruin eye looks. This is kind of like a scourer sponge but softer, and it sits in a tin with a lid so it stays free from dust. All you need to do is swirl your brush round, just be a little careful not to push too hard as I got a little crazy one day and lost a bristle.Β Β img_7523So does it work? Yes it does. It actually does! I was going to do a before and after swatch comparison but after I swirled my brush round there was nothing left to swatch! It removes all traces of eyeshadow no matter the shade. You can’t use it for liquid products like foundation or cream eyeshadows, but I have tried swirling my blush and bronzer brushes in which seem to work fine. The sponge itself can be flipped over once it’s dirty, and you can also rinse it with water when needed.img_7525

This is a great product for literally anyone, and is an awesome gift idea for make up lovers. It’s been a lifesaver not having to wash brushes all the time to get small amounts of product off, so I highly recommend it!

claire xo

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  1. amyegough says:

    Really want to buy that now!! I usually clean brushes with baby shampoo πŸ™ˆ but definitely need to find something better! xxx

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