Antipodes Grapeseed butter cleanser

There is something very feel good about using natural skincare, and if it’s something from New Zealand I can hardly resist. After a day of wearing full make up I thoroughly enjoy taking some me time to remove the day and get my skin back to where it should be. I’ve recently turned 27 so I want to get a new routine underway focusing on restorative products, and this Antipodes cleanser has plenty. I’ve known of the brand Antipodes for a long time, but I never knew it was 100% natural. There was a long period of time where NZ shops had very little in the way of natural products, so I just assumed this was the same. To my surprise, you would have to try very hard to be more natural than this. The range is vegetarian, organic, with NZ sourced ingredients to support production of collagen, elastin and antioxidants. What more would you want to rub into your skin!?img_7680This cleanser is very different to anything else I’ve used. The cacao butter, olive and harakeke oils mimic the texture of slightly softened butter, and it has Hibiscus bloom for a very mild exfoliation. It melts on contact with the face, creating an oily cleanse. The lavender oil, vinanza grape and blue chamomile form a fragrant blend that refreshes and calms the skin.img_7691 I love the freshness of this cleanser, it has an almost menthol tingly feel which leaves you feeling super clean. I tend to use a face cloth in the shower to start softening and removing my make up, then I use this on my skin after to really cleanse deeply. Because it’s an oil, it just needs to be removed with a cloth. My skin feels perfectly balanced and hydrated, and looks even without any redness or irritation. img_7692I used to use a toner after cleansing which would pick up any make up left behind, but with this there is almost nothing, which has meant less texture in problem areas.  It comes with a small spatula so you can dispense a small amount without contamination, and the packaging is a Recyclable PETG plastic jar with a screw top lid. You get 75ml of product, and I use a pea size amount each time.

I have to say, I don’t think I’m going to be able to give this up when it runs out. I’m in love! It retails at $46.90 from NZ stockists like Farmers and Health 2000, but it’s worth shopping round as you can get it cheaper online.

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  1. Wow this butter cleanser looks amazing!

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