Review // Australis // Shade adjusting drops

How ironic is it that as soon as I get my L.A girl white foundation review up, I end up going to Fiji and coming home 2 shades darker! Not that I’m complaining, paradise, tan, and new make up to play with! I’ll be honest, I don’t do the ‘darker summer foundation’ ‘lighter winter foundation’ thing. I tend to keep my face out of the sun, so I normally just use extra bronzer in summer to match my body. Right now however, I do look like I’ve got someone elses pale face on my tan body so I can’t get away with my usual tricks. Step in, foundation darkening drops!img_7679The name speaks for itself, you add drops of this product to your foundation to darken it. Australis brought out both lightening and darkening drops, which retail at NZ$24.95. They come in a glass bottle with a dropper, which makes it super easy to always get the same mix. The consistency is quite liquidy, so it makes for easy blending. The amount you need will just depend on how many shades darker you need your foundation to be, I personally find 1/2 – 1 drop is enough. IMG_7861The first time I tried it my initial feeling was OMG, it’s grey. It is so cool toned, I honestly thought I had made a huge mistake, and I was about to look like a dead person. I really wasn’t expecting that as it looks so warm in the bottle. I kept blending, finished off the rest of my make up like normal, and by the time I finished the tone had settled down and looked much better. My skin is pretty neutral, so this product was able to settle OK. If you have a yellow undertone I would say this may look muddy on you. If I had to take a guess, I would say this product was designed for people who use fake tan. Because most fake tanning products now are green based to counteract the dreaded orange, it would make sense that they design this product to match.IMG_7864One thing I did notice is that this does seem to reduce the coverage of my foundation slightly. I used it with my L.A girl pro coverage foundation which is normally full coverage, and once I’ve added my drop it looks more medium coverage. IMG_7870 I’ve played around with this quite alot now and have found a few ways to use it. You can do a mix for your whole face, or use it only on the perimeter of the face to create depth, or use it unmixed as a gorgeous liquid contour  (honestly try it, the undertone is PERFECT!). This is definitely not a one size fits all thing due to it’s cool undertone, but it will be a lifesaver for anyone with the right colouring. Another day, another revolutionary product!

claire xo

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