MOTD // Easy 5 minute makeup

I heard a funny comment the other day, ‘why is it called beauty sleep when we wake up looking like trolls’. I relate so much to that I can’t even tell you. Sometimes I catch a look of myself first thing in the morning, and suddenly feel very grateful my husband sticks around! On weekdays I am in a full face of make up, but on weekends I tend to go more natural. For those of you that don’t have time, or just aren’t comfortable with the full make up thing- this ones for you! IMG_8075THINGS YOU WILL NEED:

  • tinted moisturizer / BB cream
  • lip balm
  • creamy concealer
  • brow pencil/powder
  • mascara
  • natural coloured eyeshadow
  • brown pencil eyeliner
  • blush/bronzer


  • translucent powder (only if you get oily)
  • nude lip liner
  • highlighter
  • illuminating prime
  • damp beauty sponge

The first thing you want to do before getting into the makeup is get your skin HYDRATED! Youthful skin is plump skin so bust out your best SPF moisturizer and lip balm to prep the base. My BB cream doesn’t have much SPF, but my moisturizer has SPF 50+ hence why I do both (feel free to just do one if you want). I love super glowy skin, so I also used my Becca backlight primer to create a beautiful dewy base. If you have oily skin, skip this step. IMG_8135For BB cream I used my favourite Garnier one in ‘light’, applied with my fingers. Be sure to get up close to the mirror and check there are no streaks. If you have a beauty sponge or synthetic stippling brush these also work well. IMG_8161Now the most important step CONCEALER! Choose something light and creamy so it melts into the skin, as opposed to a dryer stick or pot formula which can look cakey. I love Maybelline dark circle eraser or Maybelline fit me in ‘light’. Apply this under the eye area, inner corners of the eyes, sides of the nose, between the brows, cupids bow and chin. These areas tend to have more discoloration, and it’s a great way of adding dimension to the face. IMG_8185Dot concealer onto any spots, then blend it all out with a beauty sponge or your finger. IMG_8194To add some colour back to the face, use a cream bronzer and/or blush. I used my W7 bronzer around the perimeter of my face and under the hollows of my cheekbones, then used my ELF HD cream blush in ‘superstar’ on the apples of my cheeks, patting it in with my ring finger. IMG_8220I used a spoolie to comb through my brows, then ran a light brow powder through with an angle brush to help strengthen the shape. Keep the colour natural so it doesn’t overpower the soft look. IMG_8236For eyes, use whatever you have that is natural in colour. I used a Colourpop eyeshadow in the shade ‘Cornelius’, which is a light brown tone, all over the lid applied with my finger, and blended up slightly to the crease. Next I used a dark brown pencil liner by Jordana in the shade ‘espresso’ close to the lash line, and blended out with a brush to soften it. IMG_8255Mascara is a MUST to open up the eyes and disguise tiredness. I used Jordana best lash extreme on top and bottom lashes. (This was my first time using it and I am obsessed!)IMG_8323If you have a more oily skin, use a translucent powder to set everything down. I love to use RCMA no colour powder on a damp sponge as it’s really lightweight and doesn’t add extra coverage. IMG_8348If you are a bit extra like me, you’ll be wanting to highlight right now. I much prefer to use a cream highlight as it blends in with the other cream products. I used Colorpop Wisp on the tops of my cheekbones, inner corner of the eyes, bridge of the nose, on the brow bone and cupids bow. IMG_8349For lips, you can just stick to balm, or use something natural to define the shape. I used Jordana lipliner in ‘latte’. IMG_8362

I love how fresh and quick this makeup is, and literally anyone can do it. It’s definitely a ‘me but better’ look.

claire xo




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  1. This is such a gorgeous everyday look! So perfect for the spring and summer. xx

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    1. blue dresser beauty says:

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