Can a $5 mascara really work?

If you have followed my blog for a while you will have noticed there are a few products that are always the same in my looks because they are my fav’s, and mascara is one of those things. Loreal Volume million lashes has been my go to for years, then I found Loreal false fibre lashes and fell in love with that too. I decided I wanted to purchase a second tube, and of course, I can’t find it ANYWHERE. I pride myself on my online shopping skills so it hit me hard!ย IMG_8400I have heard some great things about cheapy mascara’s, and frankly I’m no stranger to trying out drugstore products so it seemed fitting I give one a chance. I can’t recall who recommended this mascara (probably You Tube’s Tati Westbrook). Whoever it was, thank you. Jordana best lash extreme is a $5 mascara (what!?). Years ago it would have made me nervous to put something that cheap near my eyeballs, but..drugstore brands have proved themselves over and over so here we go!IMG_8401The packaging is nothing interesting, but who really cares for $5. It has a regular brush wand that’sย slim and long which I like as it makes it easy to get to all the lashes. The formula is SO similar to Loreal false fibre I just about died with excitement! It’s thick but not clumpy, and it’s nice and dark. It makes it look like you have loads of lashes, but still does a good job of separating the right amount so it works well for lower lashes too.

BEFOREIMG_8236 It holds my lashes curled all day, and doesn’t seem to transfer (atleast no more than my normal mascara’s). Removing it is pretty easy too, it seems to just flake away when I use my coconut oil.ย IMG_8279Jordana is a cruelty free brand, and for my NZ girls they do stock at selected variety stores, as well as on some NZ make up sites. I purchased mine on the US site

Verdict, stop what you are doing right now and go buy this mascara! I really can’t see myself going back to a $32 mascara when this $5 one is just as good. Can I get a YAY for bargains!?

claire xo


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  1. I have been using this mascara recently and for some reason mine is really clumpy!

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  2. Yay for bargains! Nay for Jordana not being available in South Africa ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I actually just reviewed another drugstore mascara, from Catrice cosmetics. Read it here if you’re interested:

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