Review // Pureology Hydrate // Shampoo + Conditioner

After getting my hair coloured recently I decided to go back to my old fancy pants ways of using salon shampoo. It seemed a waste to spend hundreds on a good colour to then watch it wash down the drain with cheapy shampoo. I had been using HASK shampoo for nearly a year and I was really enjoying it, until I went back to salon shampoo and remembered why hairdressers always told me not to use the cheap stuff. Apparently (this is what hairdressers have told me) when you use cheap shampoo, it leaves a coating on your hair, a silicone kind of thing. When you are using it you don’t really notice, BUT when you swap to good quality salon brand shampoo, it starts to strip that coating off. In the mean time the hair feels extremely sticky and greasy, and just altogether unpleasant to do anything with, but once you get out the other side, it’s worth the battle.IMG_9031Pureology is a haircare range that is sulfate free, 100% vegan, and specially formulated to help colour treated hair keep it’s vibrancy. The range includes natural ingredients, essential antioxidants and full spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreens which help to gently cleanse and retain your colour. The Hydrate range is for dry, colour treated hair, which come in 250mL bottles. It is a concentrated formula so you don’t need alot of product which makes it’s $39 shampoo and $44 conditioner price tag marginally less scary (still, hubby has been banned from using it!).IMG_8710The colour-preserving formula of the shampoo (derived from coconut, corn and sugar)  feels nice and gentle on my scalp and leaves my hair feeling almost tingly fresh. It does have essential oils so that scent blend makes for a soothing experience. I love that it’s a very light formula too, so it doesn’t strip too much and leave it tangled.

The best way to describe the conditioner is lightweight. As soon as I put it in I can see the shine on my hair, and you don’t need alot because it’s also concentrated. The conditioner has THE most amazing peppermint scent! I’ve become one of those weird people that constantly smell their hair..I can’t help it. IMG_8712What I love about the Hydrate range is that my hair feels lighter and less weighed down. Instead of being artificially ‘smoothed’ it feels more naturally soft. When I blow dry my hair it feels easier and less tangled too. The shine is there without a doubt, and there’s plenty of movement. The sticky coating is gone from my hair, I’m out the other side and so glad to be back!

claire xo

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  1. You have beautiful hair!

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