Review // MAC pro longwear foundation // is it worth $70?

It’s funny how often people ask me if I use MAC foundation, or if I have it in my kit. It’s an iconic brand that even non make up wearing people know, yet I never got around to buying it. I recently started to play around with some items from MAC, and decided to bite the bullet and get some for myself, to see what all the fuss is about.Β IMG_9197
For the average woman, spending $70 on a foundation is pretty outrageous, in my eyes anyway. Admittedly in NZ we pay aboutΒ 50% more than the US price for MAC products!
I’ve heard both good and bad things about the pro longwear foundation, some say it’s one of their most trusted reliable foundations, others say it’s cakey and awful. I’ve been putting this to the test for a couple of weeks, so here’s my verdict.IMG_9200
For those not familiar with MAC and their colour range, they have a coding system to tell you exactly what you are buying. C (yellow tone) N (neutral tone) W (pink tone). These relate to the undertone of your skin, which is the other half of choosing a foundation colour alongside how light or dark. There are all sorts of old wives tales about how to find your undertone, but generally you can tell by just looking at your skin. If you find it hard to tell, that’s what the people on make up counters are for! Anyway, the colour range is fantastic compared with alot of mainstream brands so there is something for everyone.IMG_9201
The consistency is alot lighter than I thought it would be, I was expecting it to be straight thick, so I’m happy it’s a little thinner and movable. I used a paddle brush to apply one pump, then blended out with a beauty sponge. It blends really well and evenly, and sets down to a natural finish. Depending what type of primer you use (matte or dewy) and whether you set with powder, you can definitely get this to work for different skin types. I used NARS pore refining primer, RCMA no colour powder on my T zone and setting spray, which lasted over 12 hours without touch ups. I can see why other makeup artists use this for bridal!Β IMG_9204
The coverage is also alot more versatile than I expected. It’s round medium coverage and looks put together but natural. It didn’t cover the blemish on my face completely, but you can layer this for a more full coverage. I’ll be honest and say it’s not the most comfortable foundation when worn full coverage, I can feel it on my skin. I think this is where the ‘cakey’ claims come from, but it certainly does not LOOK cakey, so for that reason I can live with it!
MAC cosmetics were designed for make up artists. The products are designed to do a job, and do it well. They are great for photography, and film as well as last ability for events. Although they are phenomenally expensive here, the products ARE good, and if you are in the industry you can get a discount. For everyone else, I would say only splurge if you wear makeup daily, and need to look top notch all day long.
I am really enjoying this foundation, it’s definitely reliable, and looks really beautiful. It’s quite an investment for my kit, but I will be ordering more shades for sure!
claire xo

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  1. Loved this honest review and I love your photography! Check out my latest posts?
    Mena |

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  2. teddycosmetics says:

    Love your photography! Thanks for the detailed review πŸ™‚ I have been considering trying this foundation for a while. Still so many mixed reviews so I may do a tester before purchasing πŸ˜€

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    1. blue dresser beauty says:

      Thanks so much glad you liked it! πŸ™‚


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