Review // Colourpop pressed eyeshadows

I’ve been contemplating which eyeshadow palette to add to my collection for what feels like ages, and now that I’m running low on my favourite shades it’s time to make it happen. I’ve tried really hard to resist buying palettes that have shades I know I’ll never use, for the sake of getting only a couple I love. Single eyeshadows have made a bit of a comeback and I couldn’t be happier!IMG_9724Colourpop have had a phenomenal run of popular products, and it seems their pressed shadows have been no different. The shade range has something for everyone, and at US$5 each how was I ever going to resist!IMG_9720My main purpose here was to get some great transition shades, some everyday colours and of course some on trend warm tones. There are lots of funky crazy palettes out there, but I don’t reach for those with clients nor for myself on the daily,  so I wanted practical this time.IMG_9721One thing that is really cool about these shadows is you get a free empty magnetic palette with every 4 you buy. I LOVE that. Building my own touch up or travel palette is a dream after having lugged around bulky ones for ages. I also chose to purchase a 12 slot magnetic palette for when I want all the glory together, and it’s actually still a good size. IMG_9723The shadows are beautifully soft, and the shades I have do not give a lot of kick up (when you put your brush in and shadow goes everywhere). I also haven’t noticed any fallout. Keep in mind, all of these are matte so if you choose shimmer shades it could be different.IMG_9728The pigmentation is AMAZING and so easy to blend out. They last on me all day without fading, but I do use a primer then set with translucent powder which helps. IMG_9733Some of the shades are quite similar to each other ( wake up call + made to last, note to self + sea stars). That’s totally my fault though, I just got too excited! IMG_9734IMG_9735

I am super impressed by the quality of these eyeshadows. It just goes to show you do NOT need to spend crazy amounts of money for good product. There can sometimes be inconsistency within eyeshadow ranges but these ones have all been made equally well. I fully intend on stocking up with more!

claire xo



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  1. Makeup & Beauty Blog says:

    love the palette you put together!

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  2. I love the colourpop shadows. I recently bought their Yes Please! palette that is really popular and I definitely know I’ll be picking up some other single shadows later on. Their formula + the low price point is a great buy! Love the little palette you created too! xx

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  3. Always Cleia says:

    I love all the warm shades you chose, they go together so well! I really need to haul some colourpop! xx

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  4. I really love all of the shades you have ❤ I tried one from my sisters drawer, and I was so impressed as well. In general everything I've tried from CP I've been loving 🙂
    Beauty On A Budget

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  5. Jorja's Blog says:

    I have already filled a palette of 24 oops… they’re so amazing and I love the colours you’ve picked out!

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