Review // Australis strobing illuminator

Since it’s getting close to summer in NZ, I’m starting to get back into the dewy skin vibe, with daily stalking of glossy skin pictures on Pinterest. I’m a huge fan of using all cream or liquid products to create a dewy base, so I’ve been hunting out a new illuminator to purchase. I was REALLY close to buying the Marc Jacobs dew drops, then I saw these Australis Liquid strobe illuminating drops and figured they look about the same, and for 1/3 of the price!IMG_9769The packaging is a glass bottle with a dropper, and you get 18ml which is a huge amount of product for NZ$22.99. These drops come in 2 shades, pink and gold. Initially I thought the gold was a little dark for my skin tone, but I’m not into pink highlights so decided to take the risk, and it paid off! The drops are beaming, can’t miss it, in your face glowy! It’s a great lightweight formula with lots of shine and no glitter. IMG_9772You can use these in a few different ways, underneath your foundation or BB cream for a more subtle glow, over top for mega glow,  or mixed into your base for all over glow. The consistency is almost watery, so it still keeps the rest of your make up lightweight. IMG_9776I think this shade is definitely better for light-medium skin tones as it does keep the gold look which can come up muddy if you have fair skin. The pink shade is alot lighter so that would be a better option for anyone fairer than me. IMG_9777

I think these drops are a fantastic buy!  If you are looking for a beaming highlight, look no further. The product melts into the skin easily, and works well both under and over makeup. I love that they are versatile and easy to use, so whether you are a pro or a beginner you will be in love!

claire xo

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