beauty. current favourites

OSIS Sparkler shine spray
I have wanted a shine spray for AGES, and I’m really glad I finally picked this product up. It’s a spray with a very fine mist, that adds glossy shine to the hair, without weighing it down. Using hair serums and oils everyday can mean my hair is gunked up quickly, and no thick haired person wants to wash their hair any more than they need to! I’ve been adding a serum on the first day of washing and styling, then for the days following I use this spray to keep my hair looking sleek but movable.
Australis GrlBoss Lip cream in ‘Empower’
Matte liquid lipsticks have definitely had their time in the sun, and this product takes the best quality of full pigment, and adds shine. I’m not sure why they chose to call it ‘demi-matte’ as it isn’t matte at all. If you have ever put a liquid lipstick on, then put gloss over, that is the texture of these lip creams. I’m not mad about it! For me this shade is perfection, a nude pinky brown. The packaging is gorgeous, and they smell like cherry. I will definitely be going back for more shades!
Essano Rosehip body lotion
Over the last few years, natural skincare products have steadily been popping up in supermarkets. This is a huge step in the right direction, and an absolute god send for me as I had been buying all natural products online for huge coin. Although alot of the brands I have tried claim to be the real deal, I’m not 100% sure. I have used a few lotions now that have irritated my sensitive skin so much I have been scratching my legs raw at night. This ones however has been a blessing. It absorbs quickly, does a good job of quenching dry skin, and most importantly has not made me itch! It has a rose scent, and is a decent size and price which is amazing for an all natural product.
I hope you enjoyed these mini reviews, what are your current beauty favourites?
C xx

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