travel. tips for an organised suitcase

Although some people hate packing for holidays, I just love it. From choosing my outfits and accessories, to finding great storage solutions, packing puts me at ease that I won’t be without any of my favourite things when I get to my destination.

Here are my top tips for an organised suitcase:

1.Shop your wardrobe

I like to do a clothing try on a few weeks before, to make sure I have everything I will need for where I’m going. As tempting as it is to pack EVERYTHING, I find that I always end up grabbing the same things, so planning a capsule wardrobe that you can mix and match is really the best way to go. I will have a blog post up on this soon!

2. Suitcase storage

Throwing everything in to your suitcase together is just asking for a rummaging nightmare, so I like to use compartment bags to separate things.  I like to do compartments for swimwear, accessories, smaller tops like t-shirts and singlets, then keep larger items such as knits and jeans loose in my suitcase. You can purchase these kind of bags really cheaply, and they make a huge difference in keeping things tidy.IMG_7350IMG_7352IMG_7355IMG_7359

3.Get a laundry bag

If you are going on a big trip and moving around alot, it’s really important to keep your clean things separate from your dirty! When check out time rolls around, the last thing you want to do is be jamming everything back in your suitcase, and loosing track of what needs washing.IMG_7351

4. Tech bag

Leaving a charger behind in a hotel is about the worst thing as it’s almost impossible to get it back. These days we have so many different pieces to keep hold of so having a tech bag to keep everything together can really help. I like to put things like foreign adapters, phone chargers and camera battery chargers in. IMG_7368

5. Makeup essentials bag

I like to travel pretty light with my makeup, so I have all of my absolute favourite products together in a little case. This one has individual bags inside so I can separate my face, eye and lips products. I have a post on my makeup must haves here


I hope you enjoyed this post, I have heaps more travel themed ones coming, so stay tuned!

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