How to pack the best carry on

Long haul flights are the worst, there is no question about that. Being in a sky high prison for hours and hours is only made worse if you forget the important items that make it all bearable. Here is my list of must haves to make a long flight more relaxing.

  1.  Warm fuzzies

There is nothing worse than sitting down in your seat, feeling the freezing chill of the air conditioning starting, and realising you forgot your cardigan. Before I board the plane, I pull out my warm knitted cardigan so I don’t have to squeeze past everyone when it gets cold (the bigger the better so it doubles as a blanket!). They don’t always have enough blankets for everyone on planes, so this ensures you don’t freeze your butt off! I also grab out my knitted socks, no one needs cold tootsies!IMG_7385IMG_7387

2. Adjustable neck pillow

We all know trying to sleep on a plane can be rough, so having this adjustable neck pillow really helps when you need to change positions. This one can be flipped into a c shape or a tube. IMG_7391IMG_7389

3. App fun

I do love a good movie, but it’s also nice to have something else to do for a bit. If you are travelling to a foreign destination, this app called Duolingo teaches you how to say basic words in all different languages. If you are lucky enough to be travelling with a buddy, it’s a fun way to keep your brain from going coo-coo.



If you are going to be sleeping on the plane, you probably want to remove your make up anyway, so why not add in some pamper time to de-stress and refresh. Makeup removing wipes are perfect for travel. For an instant moisture boost I use the Yes to sheet masks as they don’t require any messy wash off, and help to fight the dehydration associated with flying. I like to add a small amount of eye cream to a travel jar, and bring along a super hydrating lip balm to finish off my pre-sleep routine.


5.Travel wallet

When you are moving from place to place, plane to plane, room to room you really want to have all your travel documents together and safe. Itineraries, passports, travel insurance documents and boarding passes can all be kept it travel wallets. This one even has a spot for a pen!


6. Hugs not drugs

Having some relief from flying anxiety or stress is something so worth doing, especially if you can do it naturally. I bought a bottle of lavender oil, which my husband and I can both use to give each other neck massages. Sitting down for long periods of time in a confined space is really frustrating physically and mentally, so this is another great pamper idea to keep you relaxed.


I hope you found these ideas useful! I would love to know what your must have carry on items are?

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