Must have items while travelling

When my husband and I booked our trip to Europe, we decided that we weren’t going to plan every aspect, and instead simply ‘wing it’. If you have read my recent posts on organising and packing, you might think this seems a little out of character! I actually enjoy a good adventure, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like being prepared along the way. There are a few items that we took, to give us peace of mind and make travelling a little easier.

1. A powerbank

The one thing that makes me anxious about being overseas is not having use of my phone. I suppose it’s a generational thing to be attached to a device all the time, but it’s peace of mind for me, so I decided to purchase a powerbank so I always have my little lifeline available. You basically charge this on a powerpoint, then keep it in your bag incase your phone or device runs out of battery. It’s a simple thing, but it made me feel at ease. Not to mention I don’t want to be running out of battery when I need to capture the perfect Insta pic!

2.  Money minder

Pick pocketing is a weird concept to us kiwi’s. It doesn’t really happen here, so it’s something I was acutely aware of going to Europe. I bought this money minder bag which you wear around your neck underneath clothing, to ensure no one can even get a chance to rip you off. If has an RFID protector aswell, which prevents anyone being able to read your cards or passport. There is enough space for atleast 2 passports, plus cash and cards.

3. Travel adapters

This one is pretty obvious, but pretty darn important! My main tip here is to search around for multi packs, as I found they were significantly cheaper than buying individual ones. Keeping them in their own pouch helps to ensure you don’t leave them behind aswell.

4. ‘Shower in a bag’

When you are hopping from place to place and don’t have a shower handy, it’s so helpful to have one of these packs to freshen up with. I carry hand sanitiser, wet wipes, deodorant, dry shampoo and gum.

5. Travel cards

Again, it’s pretty simple, but so worth organising. Carrying loads of cash just isn’t a good idea, there are so many things that can go wrong and this ensures you have security. I got this loaded for travel card from Kiwibank, which you basically transfer money onto, into the currency of wherever you are going. You can have up to 11 different currencies, and you can use it anywhere Visa is accepted. Download the app, and all your money is at your fingertips!

I hope you found these tips useful, what are your must have travel items?

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