beauty. makeup revolution liquid highlighter

Gosh I love a liquid highlight. Am I the only one? There is just something so beautiful about an all cream products base, so glowy, so youthful and healthy looking…dreamy! Liquid highlights are a necessity in my eyes, and when I saw this Makeup Revolution one for £6 (NZ$12) I had to have it.IMG_9667These highlights come in 7 shades, and you get 18ml of product in a dropper bottle, which trust me, will last ages. I got the shade Champagne , as my normal go-to gold tone was just a little dark for me in this range. I also have the Australis liquid highlight in gold, so a girl would be silly to double up right? Champagne is a pinky gold shade. Depending on your skin tone and under tone, this will probably show up differently on everyone. My skin has a neutral undertone so I think it’s pretty true to colour on me. It is definitely brighter and more reflective than what I would normally pick, but applied in the right way it gives a beautiful glow.IMG_9669I really don’t like glittery highlights, and thankfully this one is just pure shine. If you like a subtle highlight, I would only recommend you use this underneath or mixed into your base, as it BEAMS otherwise. I really like to prime my skin, then take a drop of this onto the high points of my face, before applying my foundation for a nice dewy finish. For highlighting ontop of my foundation, I take a synthetic brush (specifically the Real Techniques duo fibre contour brush) and very lightly buff that onto the high points of my face. I find this helps to really work the product in for glossy skin. IMG_9721IMG_9675Once the product is on, it actually sets down really nicely. It’s not sticky, but has just enough tack that (if you dared) you could add more highlight.IMG_9676IMG_9678

Overall, this is another absolute winner from Makeup Revolution. How they are producing these quality products, at this price point I’ll never know. And doing it vegan and cruelty free I’ll add. The only thing I would change is that the colour is just slightly too light for my liking, so I guess I’ll just HAVE to go and buy the gold shade to mix with it. Poor me!

C xx


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