beauty. NYX precision brow pencil

I’ve never been a fan of brow pencils. I’ve tried one or two in the past, and just found them to be so hard it felt like the precious brow hairs I have left were being pulled out. Pomades have been my go-to for ages now, but the constant angle brush cleaning has driven me mad! I lost my pomade while I was on holiday, and to be fair it was on it’s last legs anyway. I hadn’t tried one of the pencils with the angle style tip so I picked up the NYX Precision brow pencil in Espresso.IMG_9915These pencils come in 8 shades from blonde, all the way to black. I love that they have something for everyone, especially all the cooler tone shades which were lacking in ranges for a while. They retail for £9 (NZ$18) which is about half the price of the cult favourites like Anastasia Beverley Hills Brow wiz. IMG_9900The Espresso shade is just right for me. It’s cool in tone, so you don’t get that ghastly ‘filled my eyebrows in with a warm tone eyeshadow’ look. It has a great spoolie on the other end which I love as it’s one less thing to have to carry in a makeup bag. To put it simply, this pencil is life changing perfection.IMG_9917 The formula is actually perfect. Not too dry where you are ripping back and forth trying to get colour down, but not too melty where it’s making a mess. It takes me half the time to do by brows now, and they look insta perfect everyday. Sculpting is a breeze, so I barely need to conceal around them at all anymore.IMG_9921I can’t see myself ever not using this product now, and I will definitely be stocking up for my freelance kit too. The only problem is, I am yet to find any NZ shop that sells it. Heartbroken! I’m sure we will get it in NZ eventually (crying face), until then sell it and they ship to NZ – internet shopping saves the day again!

C xx



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