Alya skin pink face mask

Pink clay masks have been heavily promoted on social media for the last while, with all sorts of claims about removing this and restoring that. A lot of influencers have had their mitts around these masks, so when I was sent this from Alya Skin, I obviously wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Plus, it’s pink, so…IMG_0036If you follow my blog you probably know I am all about natural products. That is just what works best for my skin, so I was stoked to see this mask has lots of good ingredients. What sets this product apart from traditional ‘mud masks’ is Kaolin, an Australian pink clay. It claims to remove toxins, remove pigmentation clusters from the skins surface, as well as stimulating regeneration of skin cells. It has aloe vera and pomegranate to reduce inflammation, and tighten pores for smooth skin. We also have witch hazel for anti-ageing. In short, it claims to remove the bad stuff, and basically restore your skin.  IMG_0038The mask itself has a much more whipped feel, as opposed to just being thick clay. It made it more comfortable on the skin, compared with other masks that can feel like they are sucking every ounce of moisture OUT. The scent to me is like rose, which I personally enjoy especially during a relaxing pamper time as it’s nice and soothing, and not too overbearing. IMG_0379To be honest, I’ve come to accept that my skin just does not like to be over worked, as most of the clay or mud masks I have tried just break me out, which defeats the whole purpose in my eyes! In general, I’m really lucky with my skin in the sense that I don’t get bad break outs, however I do have blackheads around my nose, and larger pores around that area. For that reason, I used this mask only where I needed a bit of help. IMG_0408Normally when I wipe off a mud style mask, I am left with a lot of redness. It doesn’t look cute, or refreshed or restored. I was really surprised that I didn’t get that redness at all with the Alya skin mask. I also tend to feel like a dried up sponge after, but this one left me with tightened yet comfortable skin. By comfortable I mean I didn’t get that urge to squish my face up and try to get movement back! My skin was left really smooth, and felt like it had moisture left in it which is pretty rare for an ‘extracting’ style product. IMG_0555As far as the claims go for this product, I can say after one use, that it is suitable for sensitive skin, it does smooth, it does tighten. I’m really interested to see what results I will get with continued use. What a welcome addition to my pamper sessions!


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