Makeup Revolution eyeshadow palette

Can a girl ever have too many eyeshadow palettes? The answer is no, they can not. I had swatched a Makeup Revolution eyeshadow palette that a friend had, and it was very impressive, so that went straight into my list of next purchases. When I picked up my foundation and highlighter before leaving the UK, I also decided to grab this I Heart Nudes palette as I wanted to get an ‘all in one’ type palette for everyday wear. This one has transition shades, mid tones, shimmers and a few dark shades to smoke everything out- sorted!IMG_9652This retails at £8.99 (NZ$18) which for 18 shades is…well $1 per shadow! So how did the $1 shadows stand up? Actually pretty well. I’ll start by saying, they are not as good as their affordable rivals Colourpop and Morphe, but they are still significantly cheaper than those brands per shade and not TOO far behind for the most part. As you would expect, there are a few hits and misses. Some of the shades are a little patchy, or don’t have the colour pay-off we so hope for.IMG_9658They are still workable, it just takes patience. The shimmers work really well with a spritz of setting spray on your brush, and you can definitely get the metallic look as good as any other powder shadow. For the mattes, if you build them up and take your time, they are smooth with minimal fallout. With a good base underneath, they last well throughout the day.IMG_9659IMG_9574IMG_9578Overall, for the price I am impressed. The shades you get are a perfect mix for anyone looking to start out with eyeshadow, as there is nothing too scary, but plenty of combinations to choose from. Well done once again Makeup Revolution!

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  1. The palette is so pretty, I loveee the look you came up with!

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