Now that I am 30, I feel it is my right to bestow upon others my knowledge of skincare. People often mistake me for being younger than I am, however the jury is out on whether that is down to my maturity level or perhaps youthful face. Regardless, youth doesn’t last forever, but we can do a few things to delay the signs of ageing. 

Wear sunscreen

Every skincare specialist and makeup artist has been saying this since forever. I only started doing it religiously after I got sun damage under my eyes. Although it has faded a bit over the last few years, it’s still there and I’m fairly certain no exorbitantly priced eye cream is going to reverse it (I’ve tried). We live and learn! Gone are the days where we have to use greasy pimple producing sunscreens, there are heaps of face sunscreens on the market that do the job without any repercussions for the skin. I love the Mecca To Save Face spf 50 sunscreen. It’s great for under makeup, and comes in a mini travel size as well. 


Brighter skin, unclogged pores and increased collagen production sound good to you? Then exfoliation is the way to go. This is one of the simplest steps you can add into your beauty routine, and you may even be able to do it for free. In my opinion coffee grinds are the perfect product for a physical exfoliation. It’s just the right amount of grit without tearing your skin up, and not too fine that it does nothing at all. For the body I like to work in sections using a pump of body wash then mix in about a teaspoon of coffee grinds, buffing lightly in circular motions. For the face I use my normal amount of cleanser, with just a small pinch of coffee grinds, be sure to avoid the eye area. Be gentle, and let the grinds do the work. As soon as you get out of the shower, add a good layer of your moisturiser, and I promise this will be the smoothest your skin will ever feel!

Use 100% natural skincare

I converted to 100% natural skincare about 4 years ago because I was struggling with my skin not being able to deal with the far too stripping and chemical filled products on shelves at the time. I find my skin is now far more hydrated, I have a good oil-balance, less redness and rarely get breakouts. Just remember to first read the package label of whatever you are looking to buy. Some brands use key words to make it appear as though the product is natural, when in fact there are only a couple of good ingredients thrown in. Make sure you can identify every. single. ingredient. I swear by anything from the Antipodes range. Some of my faves are the Divine face oil, Blessing serum and Worship serum.

Keep out of the sun

I cringe at how many hours I used to spend sitting out in the sun trying to get as tan as possible. I’m not saying I don’t go in the sun at all, I do, but I don’t lay out for hours on end. Aside from the obvious risk of being in the sun (the big c), the whole bother of trying to get an even tan, burning, peeling and freckling are just not cute. Le Tan Uber dark green base is my favourite self tanner, it’s really well priced and looks like a genuine tan. 

Be gentle with your skin

There is no need to be scrubbing at your face like you have emerged from a week in the mines. Use products that break make up down easily rather than using multiple products that strip every inch of life from your skin (cleansing balms are amazing). Find what works for your skin, and consider having different routines for morning, night, makeup days, and non make up days. I do my deep cleansing and heavy moisturising at night, and keep it light in the morning and on makeup free days. And a side note, just because your favourite influencer does face masks every 2 days, doesn’t mean you have to. There is such thing as over-doing it for some skin types. 

Your skin will tell you what it needs, just listen!

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  1. Thanks for sharing these tips!

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  2. Claire Marlow says:

    Thank you for reading 🙂


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