Fresh skin base: Foundation drops review

Over the last year my skin has decided it no longer likes the same foundation as before. Rude. So full coverage is out, thin hydrating layers are in.

These dropper style foundations have been around for a while now, and I’ve never tried one. To be honest my first thought when I saw them come out was that they look messy. More recently I’ve actually been enjoying the process of applying my base with my hands, since I’ve been reaching more for BB creams and tinted moisturisers. There are times where I do need a bit of extra coverage that those products don’t quite give, so these liquid thin foundations have peaked my interest.

I went for the Revolution Pro Foundation Drops, which retail at NZ$18.00. It comes in 18 shades, and boasts an ultra lightweight water based formula that can be taken from sheer to medium coverage, with a natural finish. I went for shade is F5 which is described as light with pink undertones.

I like the consistency of this foundation, it’s definitely thinner than normal liquid foundations, but not so much so that it runs straight off your face upon application. Because it is thinner, it’s really easy to work it into the skin with just fingers, AND I didn’t find any streak marks. The finish is definitely natural, and is a true medium coverage, so I think this would be suitable for any skin type. I also tried mixing this with a dewy primer which created a more glossy light coverage look.

It’s also a great product for people on the go, as you could mix a drop of this in with your face sunscreen then work it in to the skin really quickly before running out the door. I’m really glad I picked this foundation up, it’s exactly what I wanted, and I can see it is the type of product that would work for alot of skin types.

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