How to give yourself a brow lift with makeup

This year I was welcomed to the 30’s club, and from here forth I shall watch my face droop slowly towards the floor. If you are 30+ or heading rapidly in that direction, you too have probably stood in front of your mirror pulling the skin on your face upwards to where it used to be, wondering when this all happened. Never fear, i’m here to give you the best advice on how you can fix that without any needles.

One of the first places that ageing tends to appear on our face is the eye area. Over time our eyes can end up with more of a ‘hooded’ appearance, so one way to combat that is to lift the brow area up. My brows naturally curve downward at the tail, so I plucked a couple of hairs from the bottom so the shape is more straight. Disclaimer, I don’t pluck my brows normally. In fact, over plucking in the early 2000’s remains one of my biggest beauty regrets! However, my brow hair is fairly thick and dark, so concealing any hairs that don’t follow the new shape I want doesn’t really work for me.

Here’s how to get a brow lift with makeup!

  • Comb through your brows with a clean spoolie to assess what shape you have already
  • Take a strong brow gel and comb the tail of your brow in an upwards direction
  • Fill in the tail of your brow with your brow pencil / gel / powder, creating more of a straight shape by adding product to the top of the tail more so. The tail of the brow should angle outward rather than curving down, which gives a lifted effect
  • Use concealer around the edge of the brow to sculpt the shape out, then blend in

Another way you can give the illusion of a lifted eye area is to keep eye makeup on the outer lower eye area, close to the lash line working eyeshadow upward rather than out or down. Avoid smudging eyeshadow down too far as it can drag the eye down (left image).

Voilà, facelift! If you have tried this technique, let me know!

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