My current beauty favourites

It’s been a minute since I’ve done a beauty review, who am I?! I thought instead of doing a bunch of different reviews I would do a round up in one go of my current favourite products that I will absolutely be repurchasing!

Essano collagen BOOST overnight mask

I can’t say I really subscribe too much to ‘wrinkle’ products in terms of reversing damage that has already been done, I do however believe in replenishing and preventing future damage. This mask has surprised me I gotta say! Plumping is the word I would use to describe what it does.

I have a noticable, deep line between my brows and when I wake up in the morning, it has all but disappeared after using this mask. Of course the line does come back, but for an overnight temporary fix, it works!

I recommend this for: Anyone wanting a little pick me up mask that is budget friendly!

Olaplex no.6

If you haven’t tried anything from the Olaplex range yet, you need to get you some girl! Olaplex no.6 is a bit of an all rounder, with conditioning, heat protecting and smoothing qualities. I love this because it’s light on the hair, and doesn’t leave that gunky greasy build up we all hate. It’s one of the only hair products I’ve used that I actually feel good about putting in my hair daily because I know it’s doing good whilst looking good.

My tips for this product:

  • You only need the tiniest amount. I use a pea size for reference (and I have ALOT of hair!)
  • Apply the product on damp hair before blow drying, which helps to tame everything and speed up drying time
  • Use a small amount on the ends of your hair after styling to replenish and smooth
  • Store the bottle upside down when you get halfway through the product, it’s kind of hard to squeeze out otherwise!
Natio tinted spf moisteriser

This one is a bit of a gem, and I didn’t expect to love it as much as I do. I’ve been wearing this on a daily basis in lieu of my foundation, because it has more of a serum type consistency so provides a healthy glow with light coverage. I love that it’s high spf so I can throw it on and be done whether I’m going to the office or the beach!

I recommend this for: Anyone that needs a light coverage base product and just wants a little bit of life put back in their skin before leaving the house!

Trilogy polishing powder

I’ll be honest, I was underwhelmed by this product when I first tried it. I’m used to using gritty, no-nonsense exfoliators so was a little confused when I first tipped this powder onto my hands. Initially I felt like it did nothing, but once I figured out I needed to use more product (1/2 teaspoon) I got the results I was after!

It leaves my skin looking glowy, but it’s also very gentle. I love that I can use this every couple of days to keep my skin looking bright without causing any damage.

I recommend this for: Sensitive or ageing skin with a dull complexion


On the days I’m giving my skin a breather from makeup, I still want to look alive. Enter face tanning drops. I always keep my face out of the sun and as I’ve already mentioned I use a high spf so my face is always way lighter than my body which can make me look a bit sickly!

These drops give a natural tanned glow, without any orange hue. I like that you can build the tan up slowly if you want, so you don’t go from 0 to 100 too quickly.

My tips for this product:

  • Exfoliate first. When dead skin cells come away the tan will go with it, so exfoliating first will ensure the tan applies and fades evenly
  • Concentrate more on the high points of your face where your face would tan naturally, such as the forehead, and avoid using too much around the mouth

When I’ve put on a dewy face of makeup, the last thing I want to do is add a powder blush. I picked up this blush in Sorbet and have been loving it for fresh face looks. I apply straight from the stick, then just blend it out with my fingertips which is really easy since it’s a cream-to-powder finish.

There’s no glitter or shimmer so it’s great if you have any skin texture. This stick formula is mess free so would also be ideal for a handbag or travel case (sigh, remember the days of travel..)

I recommend this for: On-the-go gals who want to add dimension to their face without any mess

That’s it for now gal pals! Have you found any favourites lately? Leave a comment down below for me xx

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