How to create a cozy bed for fall

Just when I was thinking about changing up my home décor for Autumn I came across this dreamy, rust coloured, linen duvet, that just happened to be on sale. It was fate, and love at first sight.

Rust and all the colours associated with this season absolutely speak to me, which in itself is unusual as I am very much a neutral gal normally. Maybe it’s because I’m an Autumn baby.


The way I like to decorate is to pick just a couple of colours, then keep everything else neutral, that way it all ties in creating a beautiful palette.

For our bedroom I went with orange/warm tone browns and blue. Perhaps an unexpected combo but I love the contrast!

For neutrals we have grey, white and black (yes, even the cat- unintentional of course).


Using different textures is key for creating a cozy bed because it creates depth.

Here are the different fabrics I incorporated:

  • Linen
  • Velvet
  • Wool
  • Cotton

For this bedding look I used:

  • Linen duvet cover (our bed is a king but I used a super king so it looks more luxurious and cozy)
  • Two european pillows with light grey pillowcases
  • Two european pillows with dark blue velvet pillowcases
  • One standard pillow with an orange linen pillowcase
  • One standard pillow with the pillowcase that matches the duvet
  • Orange check wool blanket

Tying in some shelf accessories from the same colour palette creates cohesiveness and of course gives the lived-in look that makes it feel homely.

If you like the look of the dried flower arrangement, stay tuned for my next post where I show you how I made it!

Claire xo

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