How to style your home on a budget

I don’t leave the décor in our home the same for very long, which could be an expensive habit to have. Fortunately for my bank account, I am a real squirrel and have come up with ways of changing things up without having to spend too much money. If you are looking for some inspiration on how you can change up your home décor on a budget, read on for my top tips!

Buy second hand

I spend a lot of time looking at home design and décor inspiration, so I have a tendency to love something one minute, and change my mind the next. Buying second hand allows you to swap items out, without the worry of being wasteful.

If you decide you don’t like that piece anymore, or just want to change up your style, just take the item back to the op shop, and it will become someone elses treasure!

My top tips for buying second hand

  • Avoid antique stores

In my experience, a lot of shops that use the word ‘antique’ tend to have huge price tags on the items, even if the items aren’t actually antiques!

  • Buy from hospice or charity shops

Not only does the money made by hospice or charity shops go to a good cause, the prices are on point, and they tend to have good turn over of items so you can always find new stuff.

  • Pick your shopping day wisely

Most people will drop off their second hand goods for donation on a weekend, so try to visit right after that so you get first dibs on all the good stuff!

  • Don’t over pay

Remember, second hand goods should be cheap! In the past I’ve been quoted $70 for an item by one worker, then have gone back to purchase the item for $5 from another! The value is in the eye of the beholder, so just make sure you feel the item is truly worth what is being charged.

Work with what you’ve got

I can’t tell you how often I recycle items over and over, from painting furniture to re-covering old cushions. A bit of craftiness can breath new life into your décor, and make you love the item all over again.

Giving something a spruce up is also a great way to save money, and the supplies you need to give it a makeover are often cheap. You might even have the supplies at home already!

My top tips for re-vamping old décor items

  • Get some inspo

Before you throw things away, consider giving them a refresh. Maybe you have a vase you no longer like? Try searching for different styles to give you an idea on how you could DIY it into something new. Two words, spray paint!

I kept seeing these stone look pots online, so I decided to paint an old one I already had in the garden to give it the same effect.

  • Look for DIY tutorials

Perhaps you have seen a cushion you love in a shop but can’t justify the price? Why not make it yourself! Very rarely have I gone looking for a DIY tutorial and come up short. You might be shocked at just how much you can do to that old unloved piece!

  • Turn it into something new

If you don’t have use for something anymore, look at it with a fresh pair of eyes. I like to see the potential in an item before throwing it away.

One of my latest crafts was taking the stuffing out of an old cushion I longer liked, and using it for a new cushion I made!

Make your own décor

Rather than splashing out on things like soft furnishings or artwork, give it a go making it yourself! You don’t have to forgo good quality items just because the price tag is too high. Buying the supplies and making the same thing yourself is a good way to save money.

My top tips for making your own décor

  • Hit the clearance bins

If your DIY involves buying some supplies, have a look in clearance bins. If there is only a little bit of fabric left on a roll, stores often bag that up and sell it at a lower price – perfect for making cushions! This is also a great place for finding discounted craft supplies, which might even give you some inspiration for your next project!

  • Gather from the outdoors

For the times where you really can’t afford to spend any money, gathering your own flora is a great way to style your home.

I also love to keep bouquets I have been given, and dry them upside down. Dried arrangements are really popular and they do still bring a lot of life to a space.

  • Think outside the box and be brave

This is my last tip and it’s probably the most important one! When it comes to styling on a budget, you have to be creative and unafraid to give things a go. Don’t worry about not having the exact right tools or techniques, like anything else it takes time to find your groove, so just have fun and it will come together in the end!

I hope you found some useful tips, keep following along for more home inspo on my Marlow Cottage page here at BDB or see me styling in action on my Instagram page @claire_marlowcottage

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