Glass skin base, ft: Essano skincare

Glass skin is no new thing, chicken wing. This style of makeup has been used by makeup artists for a long time, particularly for editorial. The look is basically ‘no makeup makeup’ but with a beautiful sheen. Sounds great, but how do you achieve this style without looking like a grease ball?


Now that I am 30, I feel it is my right to bestow upon others my knowledge of skincare. People often mistake me for being younger than I am, however the jury is out on whether that is down to my maturity level or perhaps youthful face. Regardless, youth doesn’t last forever, but we can do a few things to delay the signs of ageing.

Alya skin pink face mask

Pink clay masks have been heavily promoted on social media for the last while, with all sorts of claims about removing this and restoring that. A lot of influencers have had their mitts around these masks, so when I was sent this from Alya Skin, I obviously wanted to see what all the fuss was…

How I create my beach waves hair

I am a firm believer that beach waves ARE the sexiest hairstyle. It doesn’t matter how many days go by, they just keep looking better and better as they form that ‘lived in’ look.  Regardless of your hair length they are an effortlessly chic style perfect for any occasion. All you need to create this…

Fake freckles & fluttery lashes

Sometimes I see make up looks that really inspire me beyond just ‘liking’ an image and forgetting about it. I saw a look on pinterest, saved it as my screen saver and obsessed over it for days until I re-created it myself. It’s actually a very simple make up look, but ultra sexy and a…