Glass skin base, ft: Essano skincare

Glass skin is no new thing, chicken wing. This style of makeup has been used by makeup artists for a long time, particularly for editorial. The look is basically ‘no makeup makeup’ but with a beautiful sheen. Sounds great, but how do you achieve this style without looking like a grease ball?


Now that I am 30, I feel it is my right to bestow upon others my knowledge of skincare. People often mistake me for being younger than I am, however the jury is out on whether that is down to my maturity level or perhaps youthful face. Regardless, youth doesn’t last forever, but we can do a few things to delay the signs of ageing.

Antipodes Grapeseed butter cleanser

There is something very feel good about using natural skincare, and if it’s something from New Zealand I can hardly resist. After a day of wearing full make up I thoroughly enjoy taking some me time to remove the day and get my skin back to where it should be. I’ve recently turned 27 so…